Choosing the best bed frame for your interior:

Your bed should be the centrepiece of your bedroom, and choosing it should not be an afterthought. There are a wide range of factors to consider to make sure you have the best night’s sleep possible.

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1. Size

Obviously, your bed needs to fit in the space you have available, and you need room to move, get dressed and use other furniture. Don’t go too small though – the tallest person using the bed needs to be comfortable.

2. Frame

Different materials and styles are available. Do you want light and elegant, or solid and traditional? There is a lot of choice:

Divan – Basically just a base, on which you can put your choice of mattress and headboard. Divans are the cheapest kind of bed. However, they can appear simplistic.

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Bedstead – Instead of a solid base, a bedstead has slats, which tend to be metal or wood. As well as the base, bedsteads have legs and a headboard attached. Although they may look more stylish than a divan, they can be expensive and hard to assemble.

Storage beds – These come with drawers or other space underneath for storage. This is useful for a small bedroom. However, they can be heavy and awkward to move.

Sofa beds and folding beds – These beds are best for a guest room. They can be unfolded when guests are visiting, then packed way again to leave more free space.

3. Mattress

Once you have a frame, don’t forget the mattress. It’s one thing for it to look good, but your main priority has to be that it is comfortable to sleep on. Make sure you try your mattress before you buy it. That is the only way to know for sure if it will be soft enough or firm enough for you.

5. Suppliers

You may also want to consider where to buy your bed. For instance, if you’re in Gloucester, Gloucester bed shops such as could be a good choice. The National Bed Federation is a UK-wide body that can provide impartial advice on choosing a bed. It also has a list of trusted suppliers that meet its suggested standards.

4. Extras:

Additions like a television screen that fits into your bedframe are available. This saves space on the wall and can help your room feel more modern.

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