Continued Growth Predicted for London Wine Bars in 2016

Wine bars in London have never been so popular, and the growth in the London food and drink industry is set to continue this year. This is great news for wine bars across the Capital. Wine bars offer a chic alternative to traditional pubs and are more sophisticated than many nightclubs. London wine bars offer not only a great ambience but also increasingly exciting wine lists and authentic food, while a growing number also boast antique furniture and unique interior design.

Continued Growth Predicted for London Wine Bars in 2016

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Wines From Around the World

The wines available in London now come from all over the world, including Eastern Europe and South America. There are the run-of-the-mill chain wine bars, but authentic wine bars are on the increase and it is easy to find some real gems in London. Some of the best bars serve a selection of tapas and other foreign foods to tempt the palate, while “mini” wine bars are even springing up in supermarkets and coffee shops, giving customers a greater choice of environments than ever before.

Antique Furniture

It is not all about the food and drink, however. The most popular new wine bars are pulling ahead of the pack with interesting decor and furniture. Antique bar furniture in London is at its most exciting in the wine bars of the Capital. Art deco style bars are especially popular right now, while saloon bars and open canopy bars are also growing in popularity as London becomes filled with antiques and other fascinating interior design choices.

There are many places where bars can buy attractive antique furniture, such as Expert designers at these stores can craft the furniture to the exact specifications of the wine bar, while wood will often be oak or mahogany for a high-quality finish. Other options available include spaces for ice machines, fridges and other bar equipment.

Some of the antique furniture in the best London wine bars might be reproduction or made from restored wood, while others will be collected from antique shops and brought straight into the bar as a blast from the past. With more bars choosing to get their furniture individually made for a bespoke design to suit their exact specifications, the popularity of charming and authentic wine bars looks set to continue in 2016.

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