Difference between residential and industrial roofing

The purpose of the roof is to protect our homes and commercial structures from rain and other natural elements. In addition to protection from bad weather, the roof of a residential property can have many decorative options. Having an interesting roof can help homes appear more desirable for you and others, and when the homeowner decides to sell, it can increase the value significantly.

Commercial roofing usually sits above the line of sight, so the appearance is less important. Most commercial roofing is designed for function. It is business-like with little or no consideration given to decorative colour or pattern. However, there are many options available for commercial rooftops as well, and your professional roofing company can help you understand the difference, according to your specific needs. For Industrial Roofers Norfolk, visit a site like Modbay, suppliers of Industrial Roofers Norfolk

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Design options

Because most commercial roofing covers larger areas, it must be strong enough to carry the burden of additional equipment that is often found in most commercial installations. The roof may have heating and cooling systems, large signs and equipment installed or cooling pipes. Another consideration is that the majority of commercial rooftops are flat in design which requires more care, because the water is more likely to pool.

Commercial roofing often presents more obstacles. There can be external pipes, chimneys, communications equipment and other obstacles depending on the type of business conducted on a particular site.

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To ensure the proper materials and installation capability, it is necessary to find the right roofing company. Each pipe has the potential begin to leak. Roofers must be absolutely sure that the installation is strong and secure so that the entire roof will remain intact and leak free for years to come.

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