Energy efficiency measures to take

Summer may be here, but all too soon Britain will once again brace itself for winter. The failure of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, with its high upfront costs, showed how consumers are looking for low-cost ways to improve energy efficiency, so here are some easy ways to lower your bills.

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Have solar panels installed

Generating your own electricity through solar panels will reduce your energy bills. The panels are expensive to install, but the lower bills mean you can make back your money. Battery systems store the electricity, meaning it is not wasted.Available from many different businesses, the panels last about 20 years and over this time you could save up to £12,000 on energy bills.
With this in mind it is important to make sure all your electrical appliances within your home are all working well, so If you ever encounter a problem with your electricity whether it is wiring or power points an electrician cardiff company at sites including could help you.

Apply for a low-cost energy loan

In 2013, the government launched the Green Deal Scheme to offer low-cost loans for consumers to introduce energy efficiency measures into their home. The Green Deal Financing Company gives loans for new boilers, insulation, draught improvement and more. The best part is that you repay the loan through your energy bills. There are several loans available and you can apply through the website.

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Install a new boiler

An efficient boiler is essential for saving money on your energy bills. Boilers that don’t function well or are too old need to be replaced. The Energy Saving Trust states that a semi-detached house will save around £200 a year with a new boiler.
You can also apply for free boiler replacement and installation depending on your circumstances. Check your eligibility on one the major energy providers’ websites.

Get interest on your account

If you have a surplus in your account, you may get interest on it. Companies such as Ovo pay three per cent interest, so there are excellent opportunities to make back some money. This is available to customers who pay by direct debit, with 72 per cent of customers seeing the benefits of the Ovo customer reward scheme.

Free home improvement

Disabled, elderly and vulnerable people may qualify for free home improvements. The Home Improvement Agency website gives details about eligibility and lists the services available. There are also discounts offered on energy-efficient alternatives.


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