Essential Oils to help you sleep

There is nothing worse than lying in bed at night slowly watching the time tick away becoming more and more frustrated by the fact that you can’t fall asleep. For some people this can be a nightly occurrence and can happen for a number of reasons including medical conditions as well as stress and anxiety issues.

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Doctors can prescribed medication to help with sleep but will only do so in extreme situations due to the side effects that can be linked to them. Many people turn to holistic methods to help bring them a restful nights sleep as well as ensuring that they do not consume caffeine before bed and turn off heir phones and any computer screens at least an hour before they intend on going to sleep. This is because both computers and televisions stimulate our minds and for many people it can take at least an hour for this to calm down enough for the person to get a restful nights sleep.

Essential Oils are a popular option for people struggling with sleeping issues related to anxiety and stress. They can help to enhance your bedtime routine as well as aid sleep. There are many oils that are classed as adaptogens which essentially means that they adapt to the person that is using them and the needs that they have, which is why people will experience different sensations and benefits when using the same oil. As well as there being many oils help with sleep and relaxation there are also some that you should avoid at this time of day as they are predominately used for alertness and enhancing your energy levels – something you don’t want to happen at bed time!

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Your chosen oils can be used in a number of way to aid sleep with some of the most common options including diffusing into the atmosphere in the bedtime, usually for at least twenty minute before you go to bed, as well as massaging diluted oils into various areas of the body including the feet, neck and shoulders. Some oils can also be used in a bath alo with epsom salts for a lovely before bed spa like feeling. Before you start using essential oils, you should always consult a professional aromatherapist before using any oils as there are some medical conditions that mean that some oils should be avoided.

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