Ever Fancied Living Off-Grid?

Living off-grid is the dream for many people, but very few actually achieve it. You need to plan carefully and think about all your options before you can actually take the step into a new lifestyle. Here are some of the main aspects to consider.

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Where Will You Live?

Your living space will depend on where you want to settle and whether you are able to find a suitable plot. For some people, proximity to civilisation is vital, but others are happy to live in a more remote location. According to the BBC, finding suitable affordable land is a major hurdle in the UK. Planning restrictions may pose problems, and you may need to look for a piece of land with water and a potential fuel source.

The actual building could be a commercial prefabricated building or something that you build yourself.

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Unless you are fortunate enough to have your own water source, you will need to harvest and store the water you use. This can be done in a number of ways, such as installing rain water barrels, growing living mulch or building swales. You may be able to facilitate water capture by how your living space and its roof are designed. If you are located on the coast, new desalination techniques are becoming less costly than ever before and may help with your quest for self-sufficiency.

Grow Your Own

Perennials such as fruit trees and bushes can supplement your diet every year, and so can perennial vegetables such as asparagus. You can also plant annual food crops, but this usually involves more work. Hydroponic systems are developing and can be used to help provide the food you need.

Light and Power

Solar power is improving all the time and is also becoming cheaper, so installing solar panels makes perfect sense. Depending on your location, wind power may also provide energy for off-grid living, but it is likely that you will need to supplement these green technologies from time to time.

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Battery technology is also becoming more efficient, so it is now easier to store the energy you create so it can be used when needed.

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