Five benefits of waterproof shutters

One of the major benefits of having window shutters is the many varieties that are available. With the different sizes and shapes now on the market, you can rest assured that you will find the ideal waterproof match for your room.

 Great in bathrooms

Waterproof shutters are the ideal choice for use in wet rooms and bathrooms, due to the high moisture content in the air. Unlike other blinds or window dressings, these shutters will retain their appearance and durability despite prolonged exposure to dampness and water.

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Excellent strength

Made from durable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic polymer, waterproof shutters are exceptionally tough and long lasting. Despite being exposed to moisture, humidity or harsh environments, these blinds stay firm and do not warp, chip or dent.

No mould

 All objects exposed to dampness and moisture carry a risk of growing mould, with blinds or curtains being especially prone to this. Mould is proven to be harmful to your health, so it is important to remove it from your home. Waterproof roller blinds, such as those found at, are designed to handle situations like these. You can simply wipe off any excess moisture from them, meaning that you no longer have to be concerned about mould growing on your window dressings.

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With choosing a practical item, often you must compromise on style. This is not the case with waterproof shutters. With so much choice available, you can choose a shutter to reflect your personal style, the shape of your room, or a colour that complements your décor.

Great in kitchens 

The kitchen is another room that’s exposed to extreme levels of humidity and moisture – boiling the kettle, cooking on a hob and turning the oven on all produce moisture.

The accumulation of grease, grime and dirt is common in kitchens. It’s easy to access, wipe down and clean kitchen surfaces, but taking down and cleaning curtains is a chore. Chances are they are difficult to reach and are not something you regularly clean. Waterproof shutters can withstand this harsh environment, while also being mould-free. You are also able to freely open your windows with the shutters up or down, meaning your security and privacy is not compromised. With the added benefit of being easily cleaned, any food splatter or residue can be simply wiped off.

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