Five of the best jobs for food lovers

Love food and dream of enjoying it during your paid working hours? The great news is that there are a variety of jobs that allow you to enjoy food whilst enjoying a career. Here are five of our favourites.

Five of the best jobs for food lovers

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Restaurant greeter

If you love food and are naturally organised and sociable, you might enjoy a restaurant greeter job. You’ll need to be well presented, positive and friendly, and able to deal with the odd difficult customer. You may also get a share of the tips.

Nutritionist or dietitian

The demand for nutritional professionals is expected to grow over the coming decade, as more people turn to address their weight and health issues through a better diet. As a dietitian, you’ll need a degree to work in the field, but there are holistic therapy qualifications for the nutritionist route –


If you can combine business brains, organisation skills and a passion for great food and service, then you could enjoy your own business providing the catering for weddings, corporate events, engagement parties, birthday bashes and plenty more. It’s well worth getting a background of experience in a restaurant kitchen before branching out alone. You’ll need to learn everything from how to plate up the dish of the day, to how to clean the grease trap domestic and commercial waste such as this one And when you do, you could enjoy real success, especially with a reputation for quality and a small team to assist you.

Five of the best jobs for food lovers2

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Food stylist

This is a job that combines art with great food. Your role will be to make food as beautiful and enticing as possible whether it is being displayed in store or photographed during a shoot. Most of the roles tend to be freelance based and again, you’ll need commercial kitchen experience as well as a great knowledge of all the latest food and styling trends.

Food blogger

Food blogging is big business and you can build up your own following and revenue by having a well-optimised website with lots of traffic and hosting adverts on it. Consider too, writing for other publications for a fee as you become well known, and selling your own merchandise for an additional revenue stream. This job is great if you adore food, can write well and can regularly produce new content for your followers.

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