Five reasons to choose vintage furniture

Furniture aged from 30 to 100 years old is considered vintage, while, in general terms, antique refers to anything over 100 years old. Vintage pieces represent styles popular during certain eras that can add character throughout any home. The following are five reasons to consider the vintage route.
1. Never Out Of Style

Vintage furniture has its own special charm that cannot be replicated with contemporary items. Many furniture companies have taken steps to recreate vintage style sofa designs and a range of other items while others combine them with more contemporary features for an updated look.

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  1. Incredible Quality

    Once you take a close look at vintage furniture, you will be struck by its extraordinary quality. The wood and other materials used in these pieces were of very high quality, fashioned with intricate and painstaking work. These pieces were built to last for generations!

    3. Distinctive Designs

    Modern furniture is mass-produced, yet vintage pieces have unique designs that reflect their individuality. Finding multiple pieces with similar design traits is difficult, which is why many collectors cherish them because of their rarity.

    4. Cost-Effective

    You can save a great deal of money when purchasing used vintage furniture. This option is more cost-effective than having new furniture custom-made or purchasing it in-store. A vintage style sofa and other pieces may seem more costly, but contemporary pieces can often cost much more.

    5. Valuable Pieces

    Items that have an interesting history may prove extremely valuable – once belonging to wealthy and prominent families, these objects now often fetch higher-than-expected prices when sold at auction. These pieces can be found at auction houses or antique furniture stores, together with other vintage pieces. Some local businesses collect vintage furniture and upcycle it for a fresh new look.

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Many homeowners are now choosing to mix modern and vintage pieces in a wide variety of decor styles. Not only can this be cost-effective, as we have seen above, but by utilising existing pieces made to a high standard rather than contemporary pieces which often involve toxic materials and high product miles, it enhances their personal environmental credentials.

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