Five signs that you need a new boiler

Over time, boilers will need to be serviced, repaired and eventually replaced, but how do you know when you’ve reached the point of no return? Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs that something is very wrong. Is your boiler is exhibiting any of these signs? If so, it might be time to go boiler shopping.

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If you have an old boiler, you can get financial help to replace it through the Government Replacement Boiler Scheme.

Blue flame has turned yellow

When you have a yellow flame as opposed to a blue one, this can indicate carbon monoxide, a colourless gas that can cause death if inhaled in large quantities. It’s essential that you sort this out as soon as possible.

Odd noises

Unfamiliar noises can be a sign that something isn’t right. Many boilers make continual noise throughout the day. However, if your boiler starts to make an unfamiliar noise, there may be a problem. Such sounds normally indicate issues such as bubbles of air in the pipe or water distribution that has become uneven. If this is the case, it’s always best to call out someone who knows all about boiler installation Bristol. Boiler experts are one such example.

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Heats up slowly

If the house isn’t heating up like it should or the water isn’t reaching the usual temperature, it may be time to look into getting your boiler serviced or replaced. Routine servicing is something that you should be doing anyway. After all, if you look after your boiler with regular servicing, it reduces the chances of something going wrong in the long term. If it’s still not functioning properly after being serviced, you’ll need a replacement.

Bills have increased

If your bills have gone up but your energy provider has not raised prices, a faulty boiler might be to blame. That means that not only is it costing you money every month through inefficiency, but it’s also time to get it repaired or changed.


Small leaks in older homes are a common occurrence, and they can be managed by sealing up the pipes. If the leak is excessive, it’s an indication that something is seriously wrong. You need to call the technician for a repair job or get a new boiler installed right away.

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