Four Advantages of Surface Treatments

Treating surfaces is an essential way to protect all sorts of industrial items, from factory machinery to cars, planes and trains. In this type of process the outer metal surface is covered in a choice of treatment, which once applied is known as the substrate. Today’s treatment options are varied and highly effective. Process options include anodising, plating, dry film and thermal sprays, with new technologies devised all the time. There are many reasons why you should consider adding a protective substrate to your machinery, vehicles and appliances, but here are the top four advantages of surface treating.

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Corrosion Protection

One of the main motivations for getting metal surfaces covered is to reduce the likelihood of corrosion. Corrosion in most refined metals is nigh-on impossible to avoid, especially when the metal is being used to construct something that will be facing the elements such as a car or plane. Surfaces with a protective substrate reduce the likelihood of corrosion and help protect the structure of the metal, often for many years.

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Less Friction

Surface coating not only reduces the amount of friction between two surfaces – in some cases it practically eradicates it. Low friction means working or moving parts are more effective and less likely to break down.

Less Wear and Tear

Not only are coated surfaces more effective without friction, but they are also far less likely to suffer from general wear and tear, which means the maintenance of these parts is massively reduced. We have already explored corrosion, but surfaces are vulnerable to other types of wear and tear, such as dents and scratches, which can happen as a result of the friction between non-coated surfaces.

Reduced Costs

As a result of less wear and tear and a reduction in corrosion, suitably coated surfaces are likely to last years, if not decades, longer that non-coated surfaces. This means that businesses that use coated machinery do not need to replace moving parts at the same rate they previously did. Both a reduction in maintenance and in the replacement of machinery parts can save today’s industrial businesses millions of pounds. A wide range of high-quality surface treatments are offered by leading providers such as

Consider treating the surfaces of your industrial products, parts or machinery today, and enjoy corrosion-protection, less friction, less maintenance and greater longevity.

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