Getting your blog to rank: essential tips

Now the internet is every business’s domain, blogging is an ideal way to boost your site’s search ranking – even against corporate giants. High-quality content not only places your blog high on a search engine’s list but will also attract both organic and returning traffic. Here are some essential tips for getting your blog to the top spot:

Getting your blog to rank

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Consistency is key

HubSpot suggests that consistent bloggers are 13 times more likely to achieve an ROI, while other research reveals steady blogging can help businesses acquire up to 126% more leads than those who don’t keep on top of it. Strategy is essential to creating a blog that stands out – you have to be committed to delivering quality content that has practical value for readers in every post. Design a checklist of things to implement every time and use an editorial calendar to keep your delivery consistent.

Search terms and meaningful content rule

While cramming your blog posts with keywords is no longer the way to the top, search terms should still be high on your list of priorities. According to the BBC Internet Blog, using the most searchable words at the top of your blog posts ensures optimisation when browsers search for that topic. Keywords should appear in your title, grabbing readers’ attention and encouraging them to click through. Support this approach with relevant, quality content to satisfy Hummingbird – the smart algorithm Google introduced to evaluate keywords in context.

The Guardian’s business page emphasises the importance of devising ‘human’ content that time-poor readers will respond to. It suggests that a key way to boost your search ranking is to get trusted sources talking about you online, which is achievable through meaningful and shareable content.

Mobile optimisation is crucial

Your audience is always on the move; therefore, you should look to optimise your site for mobile to land a top spot in search rankings. Layout is the first element to consider, followed closely by behaviours and content format. You can use a fast-loading, responsive theme and mobile-friendly software to appeal to search engines’ algorithms. Utilise tools and companies such as, a website designer in Cheltenham, to enhance your site’s design for improved usability on mobile.

Address your audience, promote valuable content, pop in a few keywords and see your search ranking rise.

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