Girls And Their Toys: Better Left Alone!

Despite loving our daughters more than anything, there is no question that as Fathers we still have that kind of imaginary barrier between the two of us. Of course, years ago we thought that little Stacy would become a real Daddy’s girl, and start wanting to watch football with us or take an interest in cars, at least, without becoming too much of a tomboy.

Yet, when we look at a number of the toys they have today, the barrier seems to get bigger and the generation gap seems to grow ever larger.

Sometimes girls and their toys really are best left alone, but then as Dads, it is our prerogative to get involved, stick our noses in, and ask questions that we already know we aren’t going to like or understand the answer to.

Lessons Learned
Perhaps the biggest lesson many of us learn is when we go and check on our little girls as they are playing. When we fall into the trap of “Oh, hey Dad, I need you to come and do this for me,” we soon find ourselves holding a teddy bear or doll, or taking part in some kind of imaginary tea party.

Of course, we can still retain some cool credibility, at least until the wife sees us doing it then goes and writes what we’re doing on Facebook or Twitter. Looks like you’ll need a good excuse not to meet up with your friends this weekend, then, because you know that the barbs will be headed in your direction, play date.

Head Scratching
Still, at least playtime allowed us to build up our list of questions around what on Earth playing with a doll actually achieves. Most boys’ toys have a purpose and will help them in some way as they get older. They might dress up as a policeman, have an action figure, or play with toy cars. Much more realistic than a doll, what’s that going to achieve? Girls are already doomed to grow up caring far too much about what they wear and their appearance anyway, without giving them styling dolls and other things from an early age so that they can start practicing.

We can scratch our heads, come up with questions, yet when we’ve been told what they toy is all about still be left wondering what on Earth the point of it all is. The world wants intelligent women, yet from a young age we give girls dolls to play with, so they can teach themselves that appearance and looks are the most important thing.

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