Glasgow’s miles better

Where better to have a website designed than a City that has been a European City of Culture? Since 1990, Glasgow has been enjoying a cultural re-birth and the artistic environment that has been fostered there must have had an impact on students, young workers and the emerging digital era. So how big is art in Glasgow and can website design be thought of as art?

Art is big business in Glasgow and it boasts some of the best galleries in the world, in fact there are more than 20 galleries and museums and the largest civic arts collection in Europe.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a modern showpiece with more than 8000 objects in 22 galleries. Proudly showing art from some of the Old Masters too.

The Gallery of Modern Art is the most visited modern art gallery in Scotland. It offers work that is unique, off-the-wall and sometimes controversial.

The Tramway hosted the 2015 Turner Prize and offers a contemporary space dedicated to theatre, art and music.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts shows state of the art visual arts, film and literature and holds 6 major exhibitions every year.

The Lighthouse Gallery offers fantastic views and also contains a contemporary exhibition featuring architecture and design.

Transmission Gallery was set up by art graduates from Glasgow and offers a space for young, aspiring artists to showcase their work.

The Modern Institute works with over 40 international artists and has a busy schedule of exhibitions, both public and private.

There are more but as this list proves, Art is a very big part of the cultural makeup of Glasgow itself. Website design can be considered a form of art in that it seeks to achieve the same level of engagement and aesthetic appeal as art. Whilst a website has a specific function, such as to attract business opportunities, art may be considered to have no other function but an emotional one. Creating a website that works perfectly as an all-round visually appealing object and a user friendly experience combines elements of artistic flair and logical methods of design. To find a Glasgow web design agency, visit

Glasgow's miles better

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Website design could be said to be a perfect combination of art and design. Art covers the areas such as colour scheme, graphics and layout whilst design covers the features like structure, navigability, usability and whether or not the website fulfils it’s function to the best of it’s ability.

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