Millions of people across the country enjoy the benefits of growing their own vegetables and flowers.  Older retired couples spend many happy hours pottering in their gardens tending to their plants.  Many younger more physically fit people have allotments as well as a garden so that they can produce more crops.  It can be a healthy and cost-effective way of producing food not only for your needs but to sell and make a small profit maybe.  Root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and swedes are fairly easy to grow and are very popular amongst the amateur home gardener.  Modern homes tend not to have big gardens so not much room to grow vegetables, this is where an allotment can be the answer.

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There is not always the opportunity for an allotment near to where you live so many gardeners manage with the limited space they do have available.  Garden sheds are great for storing equipment, green houses are great for growing seeds and nurturing young plants and conservatories are great for relaxing in after all your hard work.  Conservatories Worcester , Evesham or Pershore are just three of the beautiful places you can enjoy looking at your garden.

Many family gardeners specialise in growing flowers, they cultivate seedlings and propagate them from tiny shoots to fully grown beautifully coloured varieties of flowers.  From Daffodils to Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Carnations, exotic Orchids and Roses.  The list of options is endless and there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had by growing your own selection of flowers.  Sweet peas, Tulips, Lilies and huge Sunflowers are all firm favourites to be grown at home.  A vase of stunning home-grown fresh cut flowers will instantly brighten your home and help it to smell fresh.  To help your flowers stay looking good for longer, there are several handy tips to follow, cut stems at an angle, strip any foliage from the stems and use tepid not cold water in your vase.  If you add just a splash of bleach to your water this helps prevent bacteria growth and make sure you position your arrangement carefully.  Do not place the display in direct sunlight, near a draught or close to a heat source.  Change your vase water on a regular basis every couple of days and remove any dead or fading heads.  This way your home-grown display will last a lot longer and give you and your family and friends a great deal of pleasure.

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