Having your boiler serviced in the summer is the perfect time

The most likely time for your boiler to let you down is when you need it most. Boiler manufacturers, plumbers, gas fitters and insurance companies all anticipate the flurry of calls that come with the first autumn cold snap. As a result, appointments and spare parts are harder to get, waiting times are longer, and prices are higher.

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Why maintain a boiler that is still under guarantee?

It will probably void your guarantee if you don’t. The same goes for extended warranties and insurance policies – if you read the small print, you will find that providers consider regular servicing to be reasonable due diligence.

Some insurance policies and guarantees are combined from the outset with service contracts; however, all-in-one packages can limit your freedom to spend your money wisely.

Minimising costs

Regardless of whether your boiler is under guarantee, regular maintenance makes sense to extend the lifespan of your expensive boiler. It is also about minimising the risk of being left without heat altogether and keeping fuel consumption as low as possible.

The cost of regular maintenance almost certainly works out less than the total long-term costs of emergency call-outs, major repairs, inefficient energy consumption, and earlier boiler replacement. This may not be true of throw-away appliances such as toasters, but it is definitely true of major investments such as cars and boilers.

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What if I don’t own my boiler?

For tenants, boiler costs are indirect. You pay for it in your rent, in your fuel bills, in risks to your health, and through massive inconvenience if it breaks down. Although landlords are obliged to have gas safety checks conducted, these sometimes fall short of a thorough service. Gently point out to your landlord that they could save money in the long run by hiring a specialist company to optimise the boiler’s performance; for example, a company such as a Boiler Service Cheltenham company can provide servicing at sites including http://www.blu-fish.co.uk/.
When is the worst time to service a boiler?

The worst time to service a boiler is when it breaks down. The best time is in the summer while it is still working and least needed – unless, of course, you are one of those hardy Scandinavian types that celebrate New Year by leaping naked into the village pond through a hole in the ice!

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