Heading Back in Time to the Heart of Traditional Gloucestershire – The Frampton Fair

If you are heading to Gloucestershire in September, then why not visit Frampton Country Fair? One of the last fairs in the country that celebrates the traditional life of the people and animals of the countryside, the sports and the skills that are associated with it. Frampton country fair is the perfect event for all the family to enjoy as there really is something for everyone. There are plenty of places to stay in the local area from cosy country cottages to upmarket hotels and you can even you’re your vaping supplies delivered to you from Gloucester vape shop www.lazyjuice.co.uk so head over to Gloucestershire this September to enjoy a real break in the countryside.

Horses are a huge attraction at Frampton fair. Check out the heavy horse’s ring featuring shire horses from the Cotswold cart horse society. Shire horses were once a common sight on farms all over England as their strength and stamina made them great at carting heavy machinery around.  See them here in all of their finery as they compete for best in show. It is also possible to see equestrian displays of show jumping and the popular inter-hunt relay in the main ring and the tiny Shetland pony’s performance team also taking the jumps with their young jockeys!

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Dogs are another animal that have been at the side of human beings since farms were first established. Dogs have traditionally played many different roles in the countryside from the intelligent sheepdogs to the hunting hounds. The dog displays allow the public to see all the amazing skills that these creatures are capable of, including the retrievers in the gun dog events to the brilliant terrier racing! There is also a dog agility show and a companion dog show which is held under kennel club rules.

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Traditional Skills – Inside the living working countryside arena visitors have the opportunity to see the skills that are seldom seen in this day and age in the countryside. The traditional crafts are being kept alive by those here, including a hand carved decoy, yarn spinning, and re-flocking of a saddle can all be seen here, being done using the traditional methods. It is also the place to see the native breeds, including Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Gloucester cattle and Cotswold Sheep. There are also refreshments on offer if watching all of that hard work is making you feel hungry!

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