How do you store things on the International Space Station?

Floating some 500 miles above us  in the Earth’s atmosphere lies the International Space Station. It orbits the earth every 93 minutes and slowly drops 2 km a month. It uses another ship to push it back up again when it needs to. The station is recording a huge amount of scientific information about the nature of space, the environment on Earth and the effects on people’s health and mental wellbeing once in space  This is already yielding interesting results since it was first launched in 1998.

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What do the astronauts use to store things in? Weight is an issue as, because there is no gravity, heavy things can float away and do some damage to equipment or people. Most things are stored in Plastic Storage Boxes, not too dissimilar to those provided by They have to store a lot of food and supplies to keep them going as deliveries are few and far between!

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When you look at pictures of the Station it looks a complete untidy mess. This again is due to the lack of gravity. Things tend to fly about if they are not secured. The station uses a lot of velcro to keep things in place as best they can.

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