How furniture can affect productivity

Not only does a bland, dull and uncomfortable office look unappealing but it makes the people working there feel inferior as well. Most workers spend far more time in the workplace than they do in their own homes but without anywhere near the number of luxuries and comfort. Nobody wants to spend their time in an uncomfortable and unattractive environment and this has a direct impact on productivity.

You might not think it, but every piece of furniture can play a part in boosting morale and productivity in the workplace. Not every piece of furniture needs replacing at the same time, but more companies are realising the benefits of replacing outdated pieces with contemporary, ergonomic offerings. It can be seen as a small investment for creating a happier, more productive employees. This is how different furniture can improve productivity:


Providing good storage solutions can help staff to stay more organised. Disorganisation can lead to frustration, lost time and an inability to finish projects or tasks on time. Staff can waste several hours each week by simply searching for documents or other items. Having the right storage furniture will help to keep documents in place and organised, allowing staff to better meet deadlines, be more prepared for meetings and deal with enquiries faster. For Gloucester Office Furniture, visit a site like

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Ergonomic furniture

Workplace injuries can include back, neck and shoulder pain and back pain is the leading cause of absenteeism and disability across the world. It’s clear that having uncomfortable furniture can lead to a loss of productivity when staff are missing from work due to back problems. Ergonomic furniture is a must for reducing the risk of injury and discomfort. It can also boost morale as the staff won’t dread coming into work if they know they will be comfortable while they are there.

Segmenting the office

Offices can often become noisy, busy places where it’s easy to get distracted. If the office feels like it has no direction and is just a big free-for-all, the right furniture can help to create designated areas that make getting work done a lot easier. Items like dividers, desks and cubicles can create individual spaces for different departments or teams. Spaces can be designated for team or personal use, bringing a greater sense of organisation and order to a previously messy working area.

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Boosting morale

Employees are more productive when they are happy and feel valued. By investing in top quality ergonomic furniture and adequate storage and organisational features, employees will feel valued. When treated to an environment of clean, contemporary and comfortable furniture, staff will be happier to come to work and more eager to do well and be productive.

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