How to Break in New Football Boots

If new footy kit is the best start to a winning season, the thought of breaking in new boots is the only painful downside. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can feel trapped inside a world specialising in orthotic torture. We’ve put together a no nonsense, step by step guide to keep you up and running, on your toes and blister free as you adjust.

How to Break in New Football Boots

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The Best Size is Your Size

If you wear boots too small for your feet, injuries will follow. Football kits are an investment. Don’t guess. Have your feet professionally measured and fitted for proper boots.

Look After Your Feet

Rub Vaseline on vulnerable areas of your feet, such as the sides, heels and toes. The Vaseline forms a barrier between your feet, socks and boots. This diminishes friction and any nasty ailments.

If you still think you can wing it, experts tell footballers to look forward to ingrown toenails, corns and callouses if they do not look after their feet when wearing new boots.

Take Your Boots for a Walk

It’s important to walk naturally in your new boots. Walking around the garden or the park in your new boots lessens the pressure exerted on your feet.

How to Break in New Football Boots2

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Switch it up

Don’t throw your old boots away, bring them with you to practice. Wear your new boots for a maximum of 20 minutes then wear your old boots.

Still Struggling?

If your new boots are refusing to yield, dampen the upper sole with a sponge. Don’t soak the upper sole, just dampen it. Don’t use hot water (it melts the adhesives on the boot). If you’re still struggling, visit a kit specialist such as Experts will remind you knew football kits are supposed to bring glory not agony, and they’ll help you make that happen.

Ongoing Care

When storing your boots, stuff them with newspaper or use a shoe stretcher. The true shape of the boot is maintained and newspaper absorbs any lingering moisture. Don’t help your boots dry by leaving them in sunny spot or near the radiator. Let your boots dry naturally.

New footy kit is supposed to be a special occasion. Don’t hesitate to contact the experts and remember to take good care of your feet.

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