How to break the mould at your next meeting

Meetings can be tedious and lengthy, but they are an essential part of the working day. Unfortunately, they are often of a cyclical nature, and when one ends, another begins. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your business meeting a little more unconventional and bearable. That way, employees can unwind and relax while still remaining focused and engaged.

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Schedule the meeting for an unconventional time

The meeting could be scheduled for an unconventional time, such as 3:14pm. If employees are accustomed to receiving a notification inviting them for a meeting at 9am every Monday, why not buck the trend and begin at 9:09am? It will pique their interest and add a bit of quirkiness into what would otherwise be a routine affair.

A good example of an engaging activity during a meeting would be to ask all the attendees to announce an accomplishment or give praise to a colleague who has assisted them in meeting a goal or completing a difficult task. A hilarious or meaningful incident can be shared, as can work-related goals.

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Break the meeting up

Breaking the meeting up can increase participants’ energy, enthusiasm, and attention span. There is nothing worse than a three-hour meeting during which attention wanes. Nothing is accomplished. Another idea is to have a standing-only meeting and remove all the chairs.

Snacks are a great invitation; an empty stomach can interfere with attention span and productivity. Consider offering some light snacks and drinks, incorporating the entire sensory experience. Coffee can even be brought in from a favourite coffee shop or supplier to create a mouth-watering approach.

According to The Mirror, scientists say that business meetings that take place at restaurants where food is shared are more likely to end in successful deals.

If you prefer to hold the meetings outside the company premises and you need a venue, meetings and conference rooms can be hired from Look for Windsor meeting rooms with a full range of facilities that are comfortable and stylish and provide the perfect backdrop for a meeting.

Team-building is essential to success, even though it is sometimes viewed as irrelevant, unnecessary, or even detrimental to company productivity. Various appropriate team-building activities can be woven into the meeting agenda to create a fun, interactive event.

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