How to choose the right floor for the right room

If you are planning on replacing the floors in your home, it is important to consider your options before you make a decision. There are lots of different types of flooring to choose from, including laminate, hardwood, vinyl and carpet, and most types of flooring are best suited to certain spaces in the home. This is because different floors have come with different benefits; some are waterproof, some are durable and some simply look beautiful.

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Here’s how to choose the right floor for the right room in your house.

Flooring for the kitchen

The kitchen is a popular space in your house that is used regularly, and it is also more likely to encounter spills and other forms of damage (such as accidentally smashing a glass or dropping a bowl of soup). For this reason it is important to choose a durable floor that can endure frequent cleaning without becoming damaged, such as engineered hardwood flooring. You should consult with your Kitchens Doncaster design company such as to ensure that your flooring choice will work well with your chosen kitchen design and appearance.

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Flooring for the hall

Hallways are constantly used, so it is important to find a durable floor that can withstand the pressure. One great option is laminate flooring, as this is very durable, and it is also fairly affordable, which is ideal for people who have multiple hallways or long hallways. If you have a small entrance hall, you may also want to consider getting flooring in a light colour, as light colours can help to make a room look larger.

Flooring for the bathroom

It is very important to make sure that the flooring in your bathroom is suited to a moist environment. It should be water resistant and mould resistant, so one great option is vinyl. You can also get vinyl in a range of styles, including designs that look like porcelain tiles.

Flooring for the bedroom or living room

When it comes to the bedroom and the living room, comfort is key, so carpet is a good option. However carpets can be quite hard to clean, so if you have young children you may prefer the idea of hardwood floors that are easy to wipe down. If you are worried about your children falling down and hurting themselves, you could put plush rugs down to add a little extra cushioning.

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