How to Create More Effective Facebook Adverts

As Facebook surpasses the 2-billion user mark, now is the time to rethink Facebook marketing.

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More Effective Facebook Adverts

The first thing to remember when attempting to improve your Facebook advertising is that everything must be optimised for viewing on smartphones – 90% of Facebook members view the platform on their mobile devices.

It can be hard to cut through on the noise on social media for your ad to be heard. Reassess your Key Performance Indicators and your goals for your Facebook advert:

• Are you attempting to optimise reach, gain News Feed exposure or grow likes?
• Are you measuring the effectiveness?
• Is the audience engaging with the adverts or are you wasting effort and money on buying Facebook adverts?

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Advertising Strategy

Developing a cohesive approach in marketing will enable your ads on Facebook to be increasingly effective. This should include an end-to-end plan and post-sale customer strategies, ensuring each stage in your approach is unified and integrated.

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Small businesses have great flexibility to be nimble, and are able to quickly create a united strategy, while discovering what is working, and isn’t, on the Facebook platform. Find middle ground in how to approach Facebook marketing. Some numbers-based marketers focus purely on numbers, and others are heart-based, focusing primarily on people and their emotions. Attempt to create a balance, but targeting emotions is a more effective method of reaching consumers.

Advertising Content

Once your new or existing goals have been tweaked, it is now time to look deeper into content.

The trends indicate video content will prove most successful, gaining approximately three times the impact of regular posts. Roughly 80% of Facebook posts are links, and 19% are photographs. Less than 1% are videos, meaning now is a great time to establish a strong Facebook video network.

Square-format videos receive more views, shares and likes. Rather than encouraging a purchase, consider “evergreen” marketing which will seem new and fresh months, maybe years, later.

Ensure your Facebook content:

• Is high energy
• Can be viewed without sound
• Evokes emotion
• Includes captions (which can be done with Facebook’s caption generator)
• Includes lower-third highlights

The aim is to make the user stop scrolling and view your advert, a “thumb stopping” ad.

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