How to create Scandi style on a minimal budget

Pared-down Scandinavian interiors continue to be a popular choice for many homeowners. These styles can be incorporated into an existing room or perhaps into an extension that you had roofed with a Flat roofing in Evesham company such as The design really does work in any area,  but can you get the look without spending too much? Read our guide for tips on how you can do it.

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Clean lines

Scandinavian design focuses on light tones and a clean look, which helps to bring light during the dark winter months when there are more hours of darkness. Although white plays a major role in any Scandinavian look, you don’t want it to look too pale or minimalist, as there needs to be an element of cosiness.

A good start is to try out warm white tones and accessories which complement each other and don’t appear too stark. The white can be broken up by adding natural accessories such as wooden shelving, while a wooden floor will ensure the room has the Scandinavian feel. According to Houzz, the trick to making an all-white room not look stark is to break it up with warming wood, or a flash or grey or black.

If your floorboards are in good shape, without any gaps and you can face sanding them down, this is a good option, but it is messy and very time-consuming. Laminate flooring is an excellent choice if your budget is not large and there are some great products available on the market which are easy to lay and look really good.

Functionality and warmth

Another key element of Scandinavian décor, which is why it is so popular with interior designers, is the way it focuses on functionality and how easy it is to live in. Our Scandi cousins are not afraid to use open shelving and free-standing units to store things and even use them to add a touch of style, with carefully placed objects that are pleasing to the eye.

Although the palette is mostly neutral, you can warm it up by layering complementary colours. Adding texture through fur rugs, soft cushions and bedding will add to a restful feeling. Use plants to add interest to your space without breaking the bank. They add colour and texture and also make your home healthier as they clean the air.

With clever use of cheap accessories and furniture, you can easily achieve a relaxing Scandinavian look.


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