How to dress according to your zodiac sign?

Astrology does not necessarily determine our actions, let alone the way we live. However, it can itself be a guide to know that lies ahead as the stars. Astrology can help us know when is the most suitable time for shopping or when we will have the best fashion sense to renew our wardrobe or have a haircut. That’s why we tell you how you should dress according to your zodiac sign, which somehow determines your personality.


You’re the most passionate signs of the zodiac, so the red will always promote and reflect your personality, your determination, and your intensity. So try to use it as the basis for all your outfits whenever you want to be the center of attention. Try to combine them with earrings, if possible ring, and that will help to highlight your beautiful cheekbones. Hats suit you especially, whatever its type, from caps to borsalin.


You’re a very sensual sign, so soft textures like cashmere or silk are the most beneficial to you. The shades that best go with your personality are the pastel colors, mainly purple, pink and yellow. Try adding to your look accessories like necklaces, which will make the attention of others to focus on your favorite part of the body, the neck.


You’re one of the funniest signs of the zodiac; you love bold and different garments. You love the colors and prints. Complement your look using flashy accessories like rings and bracelets, and bags of cut and metal handle that are right for you.


Your colors are pearl, silver and white matte. You can highlight your feminine charms with lace blouses or low-cut tops; they make you look very feminine.

How to dress according to your zodiac sign


Your personality is quirky and attractive. Warm colors are your best allies, so be sure to wear yellow clothes, orange, red or even brown. Neckline halter dresses and jerseys will be the fetish clothes in your closet.


Try to always include in your earth tones and greenish look. Colors like bottle green, dark brown, and ocher, goes well with your style and personality. Complement your look with an eye shadow of the same shades and watches, which will be your best accessory.


You are one of the most feminine of the zodiac signs, so a garment that should never miss in your closet is wearing dresses or lace. The shades that suit you are the blues, pinks, yellows and greens. Another thing you can not miss in your wardrobe is Roman sandals, Capri-style pants and tops with bare shoulders. You have a great sense of fashion and are a benchmark for the rest of the zodiac signs.


You’re a very passionate and sexual sign your three basic colors are black, brown and burgundy. Feel predilection for the lingerie, and do not hesitate to show them off whenever the occasion and attire permit. Your perfect accessories are the sunglasses, the bigger the better.


Your style is casual and sporty, and you know look classier than anyone your shirts, pants and hats. Try changing style from time to time and opt for leather leggings or skinny jeans that highlight your long and toned legs. High-heeled boots will give more dynamism to your looks. Violet and dark blue are two colors that cannot miss in your closet.


Gray, white and black are the perfect option for your work looks, the clothes that you will favorite tube skirts and suit jackets in shades. Outside the workplace, you can opt for skirts, trousers and blouses studded rocker style or clothing, it is the one that suits you.


Your favorite colors are as electric as your personality, so the clothes in shades fluorine and neon never missing in your wardrobe. You love based form looks attractive pieces and is out of the ordinary, and complete basic. Bell bottoms and shirts and retro style shoes still look great.


You love shoes, especially sandals and peep toes, as you dedicate special attention to your pedicure and are willing to wear it whenever you have time. Turquoise, aqua and sea green are the colors that you feel better, so do not hesitate to include them in your clothes and makeup looks. Pleated skirts and suede jackets are two of the items to which you use whenever you want to ensure success.

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