How to find the right music to connect with your mood

We’ve all experienced the feeling of listening to the wrong genre of music for our mood. You might be fuming whilst a highly inappropriate happy, lively song is playing. Conversely, you might be feeling fairly joyful whilst the sombre piano of Adele serenades your drive to work. These are fairly aggravating examples. However, it is often the case that listening to a genre of music that contrasts with your mood can help you to reach an equilibrium and improve your mood. Just what healing properties can music display?

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Music can combat anxiety

Anxiety affects affect billions of people across the world, and music can help alleviate the effects of this. Tapping along to a rhythmic beat can relieve tension caused by anxiety and distract you from whatever it is that’s causing you to worry. Furthermore, the repetition can often act as a calming agent if you’re feeling stressed.

It acts as a medicine

Music has displayed healing properties across a range of ailments, from alleviating the symptoms of chemotherapy to improving the quality of life for those suffering from dementia. It helps people to express themselves, which is a particularly crucial element for those who may not be able to communicate through speech or other conventional methods. In addition, it can help build motor skills that may have otherwise been forgotten or deteriorated.

Listening to music can improve concentration

Classical music is particularly good for improving focus; the lack of lyrics reduces the risk of getting distracted by the background music, whilst the overall pitch and tempo can increase your concentration levels. This is particularly useful for those working or studying whilst listening to music.

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If you think your business could benefit from music, there are several companies such as that provide music for business and compose playlists based on your individual needs. These playlists will be specifically tailored to enable you to focus better on the task at hand. For those who already benefit from listening to music whilst working, it is worth trying.

Musical motivation

Last but not least, music can motivate you. Whether it’s to get started on the work you’ve been putting off or to go to the gym, there are so many genres out there to help motivate you and get you through it.

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