How to mix and match chairs in your home

Mismatched chairs in your home or business can be a stylish way to add visual interest; equally, this can make somewhere look odd and uncomfortable. Balance may be difficult to achieve; however, if successful, it can add something unique to your home.

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It is easy to find advice on how to mix and match chairs. Wherever you look, you will find common themes regarding how to make an otherwise disjointed design look intentional, including which features can provide balance and which provide contrast.

1. Colour

You have options to create harmony when choosing your colour scheme. You could have the same design of chair in as many colours as possible; alternatively, you could have many designs of chair but bring them together with similar colours.

2. Old and new

Mix modern chairs in polypropylene with more classic chairs made of wood. Lloyd Looms dining chairs are a good choice and can be bought online from sites such as This would make an interesting contrast to something that looks more metallic. Some materials, such as leather, can appear traditional or contemporary depending upon their colour; for example, white appears modern while brown appears classic.

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3. Height

Whilst you can mix designs and colours successfully – a mix of old and new designs, as discussed above, can have a stylish effect – you need to be more careful when matching heights. If the chairs are too different in size, it will be difficult for guests to have conversations with each other without looking awkward.

4. Invest

It is worth saving money until you can buy one or two of your favourite chair design. It can take time to build the collection of chairs you want, so don’t be tempted to rush and end up with something you are unhappy with.

5. Space

In a larger space, more noticeable statement chairs will have more of an impact. They could be larger, more expensive, or have a single bright colour. Balance these with some quirkier chairs if you want to fill the gaps.

6. Pairs

Rather than having every chair on its own, try to select them in pairs. In this way, they will have one other chair to match, whether in colour or design. Matching pairs is the way to ensure a harmonious room even if you are mixing styles.

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