How to Move Your Gas and Electricity Meter

There are many reasons why you may want to have your electricity or gas meter moved. For example, you may be having building work conducted on your home, or may find it difficult to access or read your meter.

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Whatever your reasons for moving your meter, you cannot move the meter itself; in fact, it is illegal to do so. Here is our guide to relocating your meter, how to find a provider to complete the work and the rules to follow.

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Moving an Energy Meter 1 Metre or Less

Firstly, you must contact your energy supplier and inform them that you wish to have your meter relocated. Your supplier will then tell you how much this will cost; however, prices vary so it is important to get quotes from other suppliers to compare them.

For a gas meterbox contact a company such as

Only your current energy provider can relocate your meter, so if you want a different supplier to complete the work, you must switch your energy supply to this provider first. This will also change the prices you pay for electricity and gas, so ensure that you are getting the best deal overall prior to switching to a new provider.

If you are a priority customer, and you want to relocate your pre-payment meter because you are finding it difficult to access or read, tell your provider this. It is likely that they will move it for free.

To become a priority customer, you will most likely be:

– Disabled
– A pensioner
– Living with a long-term illness
– On your provider’s Priority Services Register

Moving an Energy Meter 1 Metre or More

To move your meter this far, you will need to get in touch with your local gas transporter and electricity distributor. They will then complete the work which affects the supply cable or pipe located outside your home.

A gas transporter or electricity distributor usually charges a minimum of £400 for this work; however it could cost more than £1,000, depending on the amount of work that must be done.

You may still require a registered gas engineer or electrician to carry out other work, such as fitting the meter box, reconnecting the supply inside your property or preparatory digging. Ensure you gather different quotes before choosing an engineer.

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