How to sit correctly at your desk

When it comes to sitting at your desk there are a number of things that you should ensure that you do to look after the health of your back and neck in particular.

Firstly you should ensure that you purchase Operator Chairs from a reputable company such as The design and make up of the chair is important to protect your back. The chair needs to be easy to manoeuvre as well as adjustable both in terms of the height of the chair off the floor and also the height of the back of the chair.

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Once you have your chair you should position this directly in front of your computer screen with your legs underneath the desk. Your chair should be placed so that your feet fit flat on the floor with your knees at a right angle to the floor. By sitting in this position you take away any of the pressure on the backs of your legs and knees. The chair should move into the desk so that your arms rest on the desk with your elbows just off the edge and your forearms placed on the desk and wrists reaching your keyboard comfortably.

As well as protecting your back this also protects your shoulders and arms from fatigue and muscle cramps. The next area that you want to focus on is your neck. This can be protected by placing your computer screen so that your head is in a natural position, directly in front of your face. This allows your eyes to scan your documents without you having to move your head too much from one side to another.

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Sitting for long periods of time at a desk is problematic for any of your muscles which is one of the many reasons why it is important to regularly walk around your office and stretch your arms, wrists, legs and feet as often as you can to ensure that the muscles in your body do not become stiff. Having tense muscles in your neck and shoulders can lead to headaches and lower back strains can cause difficulty with everyday movements and referred pain in your legs.

If you are unsure whether you are sitting correctly at your desk your company health and safety department of occupational health team will be able to carry out  desk assessment and arrange for any additional pieces of equipment that you may need in order to be sitting comfortably and safely each day.

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