How to throw the perfect leaving party

Getting a leaving party right is important. You don’t want it to be a solemn occasion but rather a touching send-off for a respected colleague or friend. Showing someone how much they’ve meant and wishing to send them off with the very best of luck requires some careful planning. Here are some useful tips:

Will it be a surprise?

The first decision is whether or not the party is going to be a surprise or not. Surprise parties will require close working with the person’s partner and/or close friends so you can ensure their schedule remains clear for the day of the party. You’ll also need to make sure all those invited are able to keep it a secret too. If you suspect anyone might give the game away, try to leave their invite until last!

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Throw the party close to leaving date

Ideally, a leaving party should be held close to the leaving day but not on it.

A theme?

Themed parties are a lot of fun, especially if the guest of honour has a special hobby or interest that you could use for a theme. Other theme ideas include ‘Bon Voyage’ and ‘Come as your future self’.

The right venue

The choice of venue can make or break a bash, so don’t rush this decision. Make sure the venue is big enough for all those you wish to invite and contains all the facilities you need. Whether you’re seeking a large dance floor, a chic cocktail bar or a fine-dining restaurant, find Cotswold Venue Hire at

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Getting the food right

For large numbers, sharing plates are a great choice for informal dining options and can contain canapes, platters or party boards. Catering choices that include local organic produce are perfect for making your guest of honour feel important. If the person is moving abroad, then choosing international dishes from the country they are travelling to can be a fun idea. If they have an absolute favourite food, be sure to include that in your selection to make them feel really special.

Invite people to make speeches 

A leaving party is not complete without speeches. It’s a chance for jokes, tears and high emotions as colleagues and the guest of honour can share their experiences of working together. Goodbyes can be emotional, but giving them a wonderful and memorable send off by organising their party will show them how much they will be missed.



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