How to train the willpower

Have you ever thought about what will power, like muscles, can be subjected to training? If you have a weak will power, you can start to train and develop it. The problem will force actually exists, so how to develop it?

How to train the willpower

Willpower each person developed differently, and maybe it does not exist at all. I hope this is not about you. To a large extent, it depends on the willpower mental function of your brain, which partially can be passed genetically from parents. But be that as it may, this feature can be trained and do strongly.

The manifestation of willpower

The power of the spirit can be present at birth, but it appears as human development. And what about those who initially weak willpower? Like many other things in life requires constant practice. This applies to all spheres of human life, such as the rise of the morning, exercise, or the desire to lose weight. Do not confuse the practice of the habit. A habit is an automatic action, and the practice is a constant work on himself.

1. Start small

By making small steps toward the goal, you will be more consciously to understand the process of development of willpower. For example, the emotion of watching movies make you eat more than you need. If you get rid of excess weight, give up eating food while watching movies and begin to exercise self-control. Another example: you brush electric brush – go to an ordinary toothbrush, it also develops the will. And finally, give up the elevator and start walking – practice every day. Examples may be many, but each of them is a small step towards the effective education of willpower.

How to train the willpower

2. Healthy sleep

Surprisingly, healthy restful sleep can increase willpower. If you sleep less than 7 hours a day, you worsen brain function and overall health. For example, you cannot always be time to go to sleep, in this case, try to take a nap for an hour in the afternoon. I understand that it is almost impossible in our time, but try to find the time, even on weekends.

3. Laughter trains willpower

Positive emotions are good in any case and in relation to self-control, too. Funny video or anecdote reduce stress and improve brain function. As you know, the work of the brain is directly related to the will. Laugh often and think about something good.

4. Develop memory

What is the relationship between the strength of will and memory? Exercises on memory and various games for the memory of a positive effect on the gray matter of the brain work to memorize numbers or letters improves behavioral functions, decision-making, self-control, an organization of thought. In addition, natural supplements L-DOPA can help you to enhance your brain capacity.

5. Use reminders

Coaching will power, you can use the tips and reminders. For example, today you need to go to the gym, but you are so lazy, you see a sofa and TV. Hang on television yours or others, pictures of people with excess weight. Maybe they’ll motivate you to march into the hall. Try to remind yourself and think about why you are visiting the hall, so it will be easier to develop self-control (if it is a sport).

6. Snacks

Yes, it is an opportunity to strengthen snacks will power due to increase in blood glucose levels. I understand that sounds strange, but it really helps. At a low level of glucose (or hunger), you are able to lose self-control and, accordingly, suppress willpower. Small portions, between meals, consisting of slow carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, buckwheat, etc.) and proteins retain self-control, power, and speed up metabolism.

7. Society

A bad example is contagious. In saying this, I mean people are unable to tell myself – no. Their example can have a negative impact on your willpower. Try to spend less time with people with low self-control.

8. Caffeine

From a sporting point of view, I for consumption of caffeine in low doses. Caffeine improves performance, endurance, but it increases the heart rate, so be careful. As for the strength of will, the caffeine sharpens attention and fights fatigue – it helps to focus. It is important not to overdo the amount and follow to caffeine. I think this method is suitable for people who do not have problems with the cardiovascular system.

In general, just force yourself to say no sometimes (when necessary) and bring up the strength of will.

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