Ideas to cut down your energy bills

Energy bills make up a massive proportion of every household’s budget. If you can find ways of cutting down on your energy bills, you will have more left at the end of the month for those little luxuries.

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Cutting back on your energy usage is probably easier than you think it is. Here are some very simple ideas for cutting down your energy bills.

Eliminating draughts from your home

According to the Energy Saving Trust draught-proofing is not just the best way of saving money on your home energy bills, but it is also one of the cheapest.

You can use draught-proofing strips around window frames and to seal gaps around doors. If you are not using your chimney, you can cut down on draughts by pushing an inflatable pillow up there.

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Replace your old boiler

The next step is to contact some plumbers Forest of Dean based experts such as to discuss getting a new boiler. If your old boiler is G-rated, you could save over £300 per year by replacing it with a new A-rated condensing boiler. Condensing boilers are the most cost-effective choice because they only heat the water that you need and they re-use heat.

Switch your energy supplier

There is a potential £300 to save when you swap your energy supplier. Most energy deals only last for three years so after that you’ll probably be paying more than you have to for your gas and electricity. There are plenty of websites out there that can help you find the best deal for your circumstances.

Turn down your thermostat

With some clever management of how you heat your home, you could save up to £75 a year. Start by turning down your thermostat by just one degree. Put on a jumper and a pair of slippers if you have to. Then turn down the radiators in rooms that are not used very often, and this will direct more heat to the rooms that you use a lot.

Invest in energy efficient light bulbs

Over its whole lifetime, an LED light bulb could save you up to £180 compared with traditional bulbs. LED bulbs use a massive 90 per cent less energy than traditional bulbs. They may cost a little more to buy but it is a sensible investment.

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