If you cannot move, then be sure to improve!

If you try to sell your house or want to move but find it financially impossible, there are several ways you can improve your property and add instant value. If your home has been on the market for a long time with little interest or you have decided to postpone the move and make do, then here are some great projects you can get busy with to improve the liveability and attractiveness of your home.


Before you think about enhancing your decor or converting attic space into a games room, it makes sense to take care of any structural problems that may affect the appeal of your home. These problems can include things such as a leaking roof, rotting wood, missing tiles or even damp. These improvements may be quite expensive but when it comes to adding value, they are very important. What good is a redecorated living room if there are cracks in the walls?

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Replacing old, wooden frames for brand new upvc windows will add instant value to your property. Most buyers will be expecting them today, regardless of how you feel about their appearance. They are easy to maintain, more energy efficient and offer greater security than the older style windows. Of course, this rule will not apply if you are living in a period or listed property.

Curb Appeal

Impressions of properties are created as soon as they are seen so make the most appeal and address issues instantly visible when approaching the property, such as paving and doors. For replacing an old, broken garage door, consider Garage Doors Essex at a site like https://www.limeit.co.uk/ A smart, neat frontage will instantly make you feel better about the place.


As an area that people see even before they enter your house, the state of the garden says a lot about what to expect inside. A well-designed, clutter-free garden will add value and make it more desirable to buyers. Most people will not want to move to a property that has a forest to be cleared even before finding the front door! Having a separate area in the back garden also creates a nice flow to expand the living space out into the back garden. An area for barbecues, seating, storage and play space will be interesting and more liveable. At least, cut the grass and do the weeding.

Storage space

Houses in the UK are usually not so great for many families, with a lack of adequate storage space. By creating intelligent storage solutions, you will add great value to your home. Think about how you can change the use of areas such as the space under the stairs, basements or attics and wall nooks.

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Adding a bathroom

Shared bathroom facilities with a growing family can be awkward but installing another one will be a major value-added decision. An en-suite to the master bedroom is very popular as is having a toilet in a loft conversion. In an ideal world, there should be toilets on each floor. If you have the budget and space then this is a fantastic investment.

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