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You know what the best way to remember passwords lost? In our blog we told you about LastPass. How many times have you had to register on a website to make a purchase, to create an e-mail account or to be a member of a forum?

After the cumbersome process of filling out your data, is choosing a username and password. That’s when we encounter the problem that a user already exists equal to that used in other accounts (and we use it for convenience or identification) or you ask for a password of a certain size with different types of characters for security reasons.

LastPass Remember passwordsLastPass: How to remember passwords and not die trying

Many times, we create users and passwords on different sites and after a time without using them we do not remember how to enter the website. To solve the problem of remembering all those passwords there is a solution: LastPass.

Through LastPass, with only remember a username / password you can access all your passwords very easily. You can organize all your passwords in a folder, style “My Favorites” or “My Bookmarks” browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. In turn it gives you the option to create secure passwords for different websites, changing you were created by some with greater security. Stores passwords while surfing in just one step.

This application has a built-in security thanks to encryption technology. In a simple operation, you quickly get used to using it regularly and carefree remember the password or look in the paper you wrote down once and cannot find at home.

LastPass works for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It also has add-ons or extensions for all browsers that facilitate its use. It also has apps for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

To learn more about the application and how to download it you only have to enter the page LastPass.

What do you think the system that offers LastPass to remember passwords?

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