Lawn care in the Spring

Looking after your lawn can be time consuming but is worth all of the effort once you see the lush green grass growing. If you have a large rounds are you may want to consider employing the services of a Gloucestershire Grounds Maintenance  company such as to help you will all manner of tasks in your garden.

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Lawns need to be maintained and regularly fed in order for them to flourish. During the winter months grass slows down its growth and so once the grass begins to thrive in the Spring weather you can find that you have patches that have been damaged by the colder frosty weather.

Here are some ways to look after your lawn in Spring:

  • Once the threat of frost has passed you can start to mow your lawn again although you may want to make the first cut of the year a lighter one by moving the blade of your lawn mower up. This means that less of the grass length is cut off. By doing this you ease the grass back into the process of being cut rather than shocking it and potentially losing some areas completely. The RHS have some great guidelines for cutting your grass correctly.
  • Over the damp winter months, you can find that moss starts to thrive in lots of different areas of your garden including your lawn. The warmer Spring months are one of the best times to deal with moss problems and there are a variety of different ways to do this including natural removal (which is best done in September and October) or using a moss killing treatment.

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  • After you have removed the moss from your lawn you will be left with bare patches. This is where you need to sew fresh grass seed. To do this you gently break up the soil before sowing the seed on op, you should then lightly rake the seed into the soil. You have birds frequently visiting your garden it is a good idea to lay some netting over your recently sown grass seeds. You should see the seedling starting to sprout in around 10 days. You may need to water this area lightly but your lawn as a while should not need any water unless in the Summer there is a severe drought period.
  • As you near the end of March it is a good idea to use a Spring lawn feed across the whole of the grass area and repeat this again in August.

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