Myths You Have Always Believed About Drag Queens

While drag is making waves across the world, especially due to top-rated TV shows, Craig on Twitter and the like, there are still some myths which persist no matter how hard queens try to bust them. Here are just a few of them and their actual truths.

All Drag Queens Are Gay

This is one of the most persistent myths regarding drag queens. While it is true that the majority of drag queens are gay, not all of them are. You do not have to be gay to be a drag queen and, in fact, there are many drag queens portrayed by completely straight men who merely enjoy the art of it all.

Drag Queens Just Want To Be Women

Again, not every drag queen wants to be a woman. If a man really wanted to be a woman, there are far easier, more permanent, and more realistic ways of going about it.

Drag Queens Just Want The Money

You can be assure that this is definitely not the case. While there are some world-famous drag queens who make a decidedly good living via the art form, 99% of drag queens work one or more regular jobs and tend to spend far more money on drag than they could ever hope on making from it.

Just About Anybody Can Be A Drag Queen

This is the equivalent of saying that anyone can be a famous actor or a professional sports star. It takes a vast amount of talent, knowledge, and bravery to truly excel and be a convincing drag queen. Drag queens truly excel when it comes to “living the gimmick.” They feel they must be in character as much as possible to master the art that is drag.

All It Takes Is A Dress To Make You A Drag Queen

Again, this is disrespectful towards the skill it takes to become a believable drag queen. Most men who don a dress will still walk, talk, and act like a man. They do not have what it takes to “become” a woman in behavior or in spirit.

These are just a few of the myths that abound. Hopefully, they are now busted fro the readers of this article.

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