Planning a Do-It-Yourself Wedding?

Planning your own wedding from start to finish is an exciting thought. Perhaps even more so if you decide to DIY.

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There are lots of ideas as to how you can make your day individual and unique. Planning a wedding can be stressful. So, what can you do to make sure your DIY wedding day runs smoothly and you are not left with a mammoth issue to deal with on what should be one of the happiest days of your life? By planing well in advance and following the tips below, your day can go perfectly:

Be Organised!

If you are planning on creating some homemade decorations, make sure you have absolutely everything you need to compete these at least a month before the big day itself. The last thing you will be wanting to think about in the weeks and days running up to the wedding is when a particular colour of crepe paper will arrive.

Have your wedding schedule finished at least a month in advance and share this with any vendors as early as possible. That way, any potential problems can be identified and dealt with well in advance.

If you are making centrepieces using fresh flowers, these can be completed a couple of days in advance if you have a refrigerated space to store them. It is best to get these done as early as you can so you don’t end up having to pull an all-nighter on the eve of your wedding, when beauty sleep is most important.

Involve Friends

Leave all tasks which need completing on the wedding day itself to trusted friends. You will be busy getting ready and won’t want to be running backwards and forwards. Assign a well organised friend to take control on the day. Leave them to worry about last minute issues so you don’t need to be bothered with them.

If guests are arriving from out of town, make sure they have made their own arrangements to get to the venue or you have organised for another guest to pick them up. Never volunteer yourself or your husband-to-be to act as chauffeur. You can’t risk either of you getting stuck in traffic or breaking down!

Make sure whoever you ask to drive is reliable. While it’s fashionable for the bride to turn up slightly late, you don’t want to be so late your guests (and husband-to-be) thinks you are not turning up at all,  so Before the wedding happens for any transport needs or for that great night out including hen or stag parties try companies like Stag Party Bus Cheltenham who could help make your experience one to remember.

There are some things which really should be left to the professionals. DIY photographs almost never come out as you hope and no matter how much they promise, relying on your guests to capture precious moments just doesn’t work. Instead choose a dedicated professional.

Other Thoughts

Set aside snacks for you and your bridesmaids to eat while getting ready. Intoxicated bridesmaids don’t make for a good start to the day.

Organise a post event clean-up crew in advance. If you need to be out of the venue by a certain time you may need quite a few willing helpers to muck in, as well as possibly several cars to transport wedding gifts to your home.

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