Reading too much into that crocodiles mouth

The Selfish Crocodile’ is a book that most parents have read to their children at some stage and most children have heard either at bed time or in school. The book, like most written for children, carries a cautionary tale about being kind to others and how you can change you view on others and learn to share. As someone who has both heard and read this book numerous times it has started to bring about some questions and perhaps I have thought about some of these a little too much!

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The crocodile who takes centre stage in this book does not want to share his watering hole with any of the other animals. Now if I was those animals I should be only too pleased to go and find a watering place that didn’t have one of my natural predators lurking in the depths of the dark waters. But these animals in particular seem to take umbridge at the fact that the crocodile seems to have an inability to share. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this is the nearest or maybe only watering hole in the area. Now that thought adds a darker dimension to the story that not only is the crocodile incapable of sharing but that he is actually willing to let the other animals dehydrate in his quest to be the only animal who baths and drinks in the watering hole.

However, when the crocodile is in pain with one of his teeth he certainly lets the whole area know it and whilst most of the creatures are happy to let him writhe around in pain it is the little mouse who ventures over to the crocodile and bravely enters his mouth and pulls out his tooth for him leaving him with no pain at all.

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With that many large teeth and being that grumpy I would want to be the dermal lip fillers company trying to help that crocodile out. Much better to leave it to the brave mouse to help him. Just while we are talking about it is you are looking for a Belfast dermal lip fillers company you should take a look at who would definitely be able to help you.

Now back to our grumpy crocodile. It seems that once the mouse removed the offending tooth the crocodile had a change of heart and decided to thank the mouse and instantly wanted to share the watering hole with all the other animals in the area. Much to the surprise of the neighbouring animals. I guess it would have been too dark to have the crocodile eat the little mouse for his trouble!

So I think the overriding moral of this story is don’t read too much into the stories you are reading to your children!!

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