Should I buy a TV with a curved screen?

The whole idea of a curved screen TV is to create a more natural feeling of depth and immersion in the scene. Most reviewers agree that they achieve this; in addition, they say that curved screen TVs achieve improved contrast.

Should I buy a TV with a curved screen

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If you are in the right position, the curve gives the feeling of a wider field of view despite being the same pixels in width. This is the result of where the picture now falls on your retina.

You may need to rearrange to enjoy your new TV

Logically, the curved screen should aggravate the viewing angle problem that bedevils LCDs; however, other improvements have cancelled this out. Detractors nevertheless complain that you need to be seated in the right place in relation to the screen to experience the benefits. If you have a large family, curved screens may therefore usher in some territorial disputes.

Often a TV is easier to see from all parts of a room if you position it diagonally in a corner. Bear in mind that curved screens suffer more from reflections, such as from windows, but relocating it should also fix this. You may need new TV points, in which case you should call a reliable Evesham TV aerial repair company such as

Alternatively, you could draw the curtains and stock up on vitamin D; after all, you are going to be glued to your TV anyway!

Curved screens work better when they are big. The advantages really cut in at screen sizes over 55”; therefore, you may want to upgrade the size when you go for a curved screen. This will be another reason to move a bit of furniture; curved screens, of course, do not look quite right hanging on a wall.

Hi-tech TVs do not improve poor-quality programmes, but the modern TV is often used for purposes other than television – notably for computer gaming. For this purpose, the immersive benefits – focused just right for a gamer – sound even more persuasive. A counter argument might be that the future of gaming is full virtual reality, such as Oculus Rift, and the TV might soon be obsolete – but not just yet.

Curved TVs are cool!

Be sure to put your curved TV near the window so that the neighbours can see you have one!

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