Signs it’s time for a new lock

Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, there is a maintenance issue that all households are responsible for. Nothing lasts forever, but a little maintenance goes a long way. When it comes to security, nothing is more important than the condition of your locks. Here are some examples of times when you will need to consider changing the locks on your property:

Victims of break-ins

If you have just become the unfortunate victim of a break-in, now would be a good time to change your locks. If the lock was broken during a break-in or the incident has shown that the lock you currently have is not up to the job, you’ll want to update your security measures. Consider a lock which has added enhanced safety pins, and a latch with a long throw. For the services of a Southend Locksmiths, visit a site like Southend Locksmiths Brights Locksmiths

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Wear and Tear

Locks are subject to a lot of stress over the years, with many comings and goings into and out of the property. It’s not just the constant use but also exposure to the elements that leads to a decrease over time. They could be rusty, making it more difficult to open the door. Not only is there an inconvenience but a stuck key will disrupt your home security as well.

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Old locks

It might seem obvious, but many landlords or homeowners just do not update their locks for many years. Sometimes, it just doesn’t occur to them – if it’s not faulty, why change it? However, this is not the case. Advances in lock technology evolve quickly, meaning your home security could soon become outdated.


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