Simple maternity outfits you can make yourself

If you want to maintain a unique style during pregnancy, making your own outfits is the way to go. Here are some tips.

Simple maternity outfits you can make yourself

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Keep it simple

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe from day one. Often, you can still wear your regular jeans and skirts by adding a belly band. This is basically a piece of thick knit, preferably rib, that is stitched up one side to create an additional band worn over your existing waistband or fly opening that covers your growing belly.

Stay comfortable

Consider body hugging tube skirts that can double up as a dress if needed. These items require minimal sewing skills, and your style can stay current by buying suitable dressmaking fabric in a variety of colours and textures from your local fabric store.

Smocking, gathers and elastic are your friends.

An essential summer dress can be whipped together in no time by buying pre-smocked fabric. Place the smocking over your bust area and sew it up the side as suggested by A Beautiful Mess. You can add shoestring ties or buy ready-made ones if you feel your bust increasing or if the dress is tending to slip down a bit. When following knit patterns, remember to add extra length to the front belly section and gather or stitch shirring elastic in before joining the side seams. Woven blouses or dresses can be slightly altered by adding gathers or pleats to compensate for your bigger belly.

Simple maternity outfits you can make yourself2

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The essential wrap

You cannot go through pregnancy without wrap garments. They are flattering and can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. They are also great for moms that want to breastfeed. Go for stretchy fabrics that can be found at places such as You might even want to opt for the no-sewing sleeveless wrap option. Simply drape fabric over a dummy as if it were a blanket thrown over the shoulders. See where the shoulders are and make a slit on either side for the arms to come through. Cross it over the bust section and add a belt at the empire line for a chic finish. Remember to curve the hem.

If you combine these easy home-sewn items with your existing wardrobe, you can enjoy the next nine months without compromising on style.

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