Some of the best ways to store your clothing

There are numerous different ways in which you can store your clothing at home Ultimately everyone wants a method that will allow them to find their clothing quickly in the mornings when they get ready for work and to have crease free clothing.

If you are wondering what the options are for storing your clothes, including your favourite Superdry Menswear items that you bought from EJ Menswear then take a look at this quick list.

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  • Wardrobe – this is probably the most obvious way to store clothing. Wardrobes come in a variety of sizes and you can have those that have hanging rails as well as shelving, depending on what you need for your own clothing. You can also find bespoke wardrobes where you buy the shell of the cupboard and then fill each section with the storage options that will work for you.

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  • Shelving – some items of clothing can be stored effectively on shelving. This includes tops such as jumpers and t-shirts and casual trousers can also be folded neatly and placed on a shelf. It is often best for shirts and work and formal trousers to be hung up as the materials that they are made off can often lead to them becoming creased.
  • Drawers – these can be useful for storing items such as underwear and some people also like to store t-shirts and casual clothing items in drawers as well. If you use the Marie Kondon method of folding and organising clothing, drawers can become very useful storage options.

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