Stay ahead of content marketing trends this year

Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live have all helped to change the ways in which people want to interact with brands. As well as being humorous and light-hearted, each platform has an enormous number of regular users, which makes them potentially lucrative places to be. However, not every business needs to connect with potential customers in these ways.

Stay ahead of content marketing trends this year

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Identifying the channels which will be most beneficial to your business is incredibly important. There’s no point channelling all your energy into Snapchat if that’s not where your audience is spending its time. If staying one step in front of content marketing trends is on your to do list for 2017, here are some of our top tips for achieving your goals.


Numbers of successful YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers have soared in recent years, with their large audiences turning to them for product recommendations and advice. In many instances, securing endorsements from high-profile online influencers can be a much better strategy than TV advertising because you’ll have much more control over who will see your brand. As this Huffington Post article demonstrates, even celebrities are turning to social media influencers to raise awareness of their brands.

Stay ahead of content marketing trends this year2

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Visual engagement

Individuals specialising in web design in South Devon, such as the team here, understand that you only have a short amount of time to attract positive attention. The rise in social media has meant that if we aren’t interested in something, we can simply scroll past until we find something that does attract our interest. Clever use of GIFs, funny or cute imagery, and bold typography can all help to get you noticed for the right reasons.

Native advertising

Many internet users have low tolerance levels for advertising, and this means that an advert cannot simply just be an advert anymore. Between advertisement blockers, the ability to easily filter information from social media feeds, and an increasing inherent dislike for being talked at, ads must now offer interesting content in order to attract attention for the right reasons. Use your advertising to tell a story, provide meaningful content, or connect with your target audience on an emotional level. Ensure the voice of your brand stays at the heart of all your content, remain authentic at all times, and really work to build high levels of trust with your audience.

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