Steps to keeping your house cosy

During the winter months the house can get cold and it can be hard to keep your family warm and cosy. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help to make heating your home an easier task, so read on to discover how you can make your home warmer this winter without breaking the bank.

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Use the curtains

Draughts at windows can mean a lot of heat is wasted. By opening curtains to let the sunlight into your home during the day, you can warm your home for free. Then, once the sun has set, keeping curtains closed as soon as possible helps to retain the heat inside your home. Curtains act like insulation and the thicker and heavier they are, the better.

Use the timers

Modern central heating systems have timers to allow you to turn the heating on and off easily with a timer. It’s cheaper to turn the heating on earlier at a lower temperature that later at a higher temperature. So try to set the heating to come on half an hour before getting up so the house has time to warm up.

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Free the radiators

Move sofas away from the radiators. If blocked, the heat from a radiator will be absorbed into the furniture rather than circulating around the room. Also try to keep curtains away from radiators for the same reason. There are many more simple house-warming tips like this which can be found in this article by the BBC.

Insulate your home

Remember to get your loft, windows and doors checked for maximum insulation. When it comes to your windows, why not consider getting Grey Aluminium Windows to add a fresh new look to your home and keep some warmth in and one option available to find these is  Around 25% of heat in a home is lost through the roof. Installing 25cm of insulation can prevent this. Cavity wall insulation should save over £150 each year. Also remember some flooring can let the heat out, so consider having a new floor. New flooring can make a big difference to your home’s insulation.

Buy a boiler wrapper

Make sure your boiler is insulated well with a suitably padded jacket. It isn‘t only the living inhabitants of a house that need extra layers in the cold! Water will keep warmer for longer if the boiler has a padded jacket, which will reduce your heating costs. Insulating your hot water tank can save £150 per year.

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