Student Essentials

This summer is an exciting time if you’re getting ready to go off to college or Uni for the first time. The thought of independent living and being able to do your own thing is both nerve-wracking and exhilarating so to make things easier, here’s a list of essentials you need to pack to make your move as stress-free as possible:


This is the boring stuff but important nonetheless. Make sure you take with you all the paperwork you’ll need for those first few heady days of enrolling. You’ll need your:

Passport or Driving licence

Acceptance letter from the college

Terms and contract for your accommodation

Set of 4 passport photos

Your debit card (obviously)

Bursary, scholarship or student loan documents

NHS number and any discount cards for travel

Stay Connected

Of course, you’ll need your laptop or computer for typing all those important essays, an ethernet cable and your mobile phone and charger! Are you taking a printer? Small TV and TV licence and a USB TV stick will also come in handy for all those daytime TV programmes you can now watch! For Hartpury Student Accommodation, visit

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As much as you’d love to, you can’t live on fast food every day of the week. Get yourself a student cookbook with cheap and easy recipes. Other handy utensils include a sauce pan, wok, baking tray, cutlery, glasses, mugs, plates and bowls. Make the first few days easier on yourself and take along some grocery essentials to get you started, such as milk, bread, beans and cheese etc.

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If you’ve never made a bed before, now might be a good time to get in some practice as this becomes your responsibility now. You’ll need sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases for starters. A duvet and pillows are essential, as is an alarm clock so you never miss those 9am lectures!


Personal hygiene is always important so don’t let standards slip when Mum isn’t there to nag you into taking a shower! You’ll need some towels, any personal medication, paracetamol for those Fresher’s Week hangovers, a washbag with toothbrush etc, a small first aid kit and your own secret stash of toilet roll!

Optional Stuff

You’ll want to make your room as unique and homely as possible so think about what you really want to take with you to personalise your space. Photos and posters, funny signs, ornaments and soft toys are all things you might consider essential for your comfort. Fun stuff for making friends quickly include games consoles, a crate of lager, an awesome sound system or anything else you can realistically fit in the car! Remember though that if you’re taking anything valuable, make sure you have insurance.


There are some useful non-essential items that you won’t need right away but they can make life easier. These include things like, tea towels, cleaning products, a plant for your room, kitchen sponges, a safe for your valuables and maybe even a lock for your food cupboard!

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