Tetra Fish-Why You May Want To Get A Tetra Fish?

Why may you want to get A Tetra Fish?

With all the species of tetra fish to available in the market, many beginners may be confused as to what to choose for their home aquarium. The beginner needs something that is not very fussy and does not require a lot of maintenance and attention. A fish that can survive in a basic aquarium without the need for heating is suitable as a home pet for kids. There are many other considerations to be made when choosing an aquarium fish; such as beauty and how well it can live with other species of fish as well as its own. One of the best species of fish as far as these factors go the fish. This fish has many good characteristics that make it a great home fish pet.

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Most species of the Tetra Fish are very popular. This is an advantage because they are easy to get in a fish store. In addition food for the Tetras is easily available and most fish and pet shops will have it. Resources and information concerning this fish are easily available online as well as other sources. This is important because it makes taking care of the Tetras is easier and a child may get this information on his own.

Care and maintenance:

The Tetra fish are easy to keep and maintain. This is one other reason it may be a suitable pet for a young child. The tetra can live in relatively low temperatures making it a coldwater fish. They, therefore, do not need a heated tank. The tetra is quite small and can be kept in a fish bowl and remain healthy. They are hardy and can survive in the face of a disease outbreak. This type of fish does not get sick easily.

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The Tetra fish come in many different varieties. There are many different colors and shapes. One of the most popular Tetras is the Black Neon Tetra. This Type of Tetra is small but is quite beautiful. It has a white stripe that seems to glow like a neon lamp against its body black color. They would look like ordinary fish were it not for their distinguishable fins. There are many other variations of this fish besides the Black Tetra, which comes in many different colors. This gives a wide variety of fish to choose from and mix with, for a home aquarium.

Schools of fish:

The Tetra fish likes to be in a school of other fish. It is one of the best species of fish to keep if you were particularly looking to keep a number of fish together in a small aquarium. They are very bubbly and love to play and chase each other, thereby keeping the aquarium active. They will live in harmony with most species of fish as long as the fish are not big enough to prey on them.


The Tetra Fish is definitely one of the best fish to start fish keeping with. They are also quite cheap and can be bought for only a couple of dollars.

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