The benefits of decoupled websites

Decoupled websites are big news right now, so if you have an online presence, it could be something that you need to know about.

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What is a decoupled website?

In its simplest terms, decoupling a website means separating your website editing from its display, allowing you to edit your site in WordPress, for example, whilst your visitors see an ordinary website. By separating the site into different sections for programming purposes, it becomes easier to manage and edit, which could save you time and money in the long run.

According to a recent article in Forbes, almost 30 per cent of websites are currently powered by WordPress, making it one of the leading Content Marketing Systems (CMS) available to internet users. Having the ability to decouple a WordPress site gives you more control over the site, and at the same time, it limits the amount of coding that needs to be altered and adapted. There are also many other benefits.

Difficult to hack

Because your content management system is kept completely separate from the displayed website, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to hack, making it safer for you and your customers.

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Fast to display

Decoupled websites load much faster than traditional sites, making visitors much more likely to stay on your site. Most visitors lose patience after just three seconds of waiting for a site to load, so anything that reduces load times will be welcomed.

Less downtime

Servers are prone to unexpected crashes, but with a decoupled site, also known as a headless site, the hosting is spread across many servers, which makes it less susceptible to downtime and outages.

One source of content

As the Internet of Things gains ground, there are more opportunities to expand into new markets. A decoupled website allows you to use your content across a range of devices at minimum cost.

Easy to change

With a decoupled website, you can change your entire brand if you wish, without having to rewrite your entire site’s content.

For decoupling to work to its best effect, it’s desirable to have the initial work undertaken by WordPress design experts such as, which specialise in London WordPress web design.

Once your site is built, you can alter and change your content with ease without impacting the overall site design.

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