The best housing choices for older people

If your home is no longer suitable due to problems with mobility, ill health or other age-related changes, you will need to consider your future housing options.

The best housing choices for older people

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Adapting your home

If you would prefer to stay in your own home, there are improvements you could make to enable you to use it more easily. Adaptations such as grab rails in the bathroom, a stair lift or an emergency call system can enable many people to live alone more safely, if this is what they want to do. Arranging for help with tasks that are becoming difficult, such as housework or gardening, can also be valuable.

A different idea is for older people to share their homes with younger people who need accommodation. This home share arrangement can benefit both parties.

Moving to somewhere more suitable

A move to more suitable accommodation – possibly easier to maintain or situated more conveniently – can help you to remain independent. Bungalows are a popular choice for retirement homes.

Moving to retirement accommodation

Sheltered accommodation with a warden on hand if needed, extra care housing or retirement villages specially tailored to the needs of older people can be ideal options for those who need some help but do not wish to move into residential care. You need to think about your current needs and also consider what may change in the future.

Moving in with your family

There are many benefits both for an older person and for other members of the family if you move in together. If your family would like to have you closer but does not have enough space, a granny annexe situated in the garden could be the ideal solution. A range of these buildings is available from companies such as and they can easily be installed in a suitable space.

Moving into residential care

Moving into a care home can be necessary if your care needs cannot be met elsewhere. Other people enjoy the company and the security that this kind of environment provides. There are many different care homes, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

If possible, take time to consider your future housing options and discuss any possible move with family members or other important people in your life before making your decision.

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