The changes to the telephone. How did they happen so fast?

In this age of the modern technology things seem to change so fast and when looking at what communication systems to use in your Office Space Bracknell way that you found from it can be a little overwhelming There is a bit of rule of thought that says, especially with regards to computers that if it’s in the shops then its obsolete. Look at computers, just 30 years ago we were using analogue cassette tapes to load on programmes, but we had soon moved onto floppy discs and then the compact disc. It seems inconceivable that we are already looking at a time the standalone tower computer will be phased out for laptops. Even then this work anywhere ethic is being stretched by the use of tablets and also our phones. It is the changes to phones that we should really look at as an indicator of how technology is adapted and developed at a speed so fast it’s virtually impossible to keep up. The Voice of the internet protocol or VoIP is just one of these changes that we should start to look at. It heralds a new era in phone usage and more importantly how we pay for it.

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The telephone is attributed to be the invention of Alexander Graham Bell although there is some evidence that and Italian aristocrat had the basics in his mansion. Regardless Bells invention was thought to be the great thing that would bring together nations as it would allow people to talk and communicate across the world. It was hoped that conflict would be avoided, and that people would be brought together in ways that they never knew they could. Its probably fair to say that Bell would have guess the extent his invention would take. The ultra-communication heavy world that we live in has been several decades in the making and it took some time for the necessary cables and wires to be installed before Bells creation really took off.

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Once the telecommunications world was established then the landline was King.  The telephone director, a massive document full of phone numbers (allowing for years of prank calls to people called Shufflebottom) and the Yellow Pages with listing for every trade you could find seem like a dream. The internet has rendered it and Encarta (remember that) useless. Now with a VoIP phone the internet provides the connection. You do not have to worry about roaming charges or line rental. It’s the future for business and domestic use and it’s here and now.


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