The Costs and Benefits of Working

Working outside the home provides many benefits to the individual – the most obvious of which is financial. Being employed means that you will inevitably have more disposable income than those who do not work, and with this comes more freedom. Having access to money means that you have more choices about how to live your life and spend your free time.

The Costs and Benefits of Working

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But the benefits are not always monetary. The Department for Work and Pensions reports that being unemployed leads to poorer health both mentally and physically, as well as higher mortality rates. So working is generally good for your health and well-being.  Before deciding which way to turn its often beneficial to turn to a recruitment agency in Belfast or any other area like to get an insight into money, holidays and other benefits available to workers.

Travel Costs

As well as all the positive things we gain by working, there are also some costs to weigh up. A major outlay is the cost of actually getting to work, particularly in the South East. For example, according to the Telegraph, residents of Basildon will spend around three hundred pounds per month on commuting into London.

Other Expenses

There are also other expenses associated with working, which may not always be immediately obvious. Of course, those regularly attending a place of work will normally need to make sure they look smart and presentable. This means an additional cost burden of buying suitable clothes for the office.

Many full-time workers are extremely pressed for time, and as a result it is increasingly common to purchase drinks, snacks and lunchtime sandwiches rather than taking the more cost-effective option and bringing them from home. When you are working hard, it can also feel like a little indulgence to treat yourself to a nice lunch made by someone else rather than making your own packed meal.

Obviously, this is all good news for those who run delis and sandwich shops. In order to keep pace with the demand for takeaway lunches and drinks, as a proprietor you will need a reliable range of kitchen equipment such as fridges and commercial bottle coolers.
We can see from these points that there are sometimes significant costs associated with being an employee – not all of them readily apparent. However, the gains we make both financially and mentally would seem to make it hugely worthwhile for most people.

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